Become a Kiwanis Member

Have you been looking to do some volunteering for good causes in your community? Do you like helping kids, having fun and feeling like you made a difference? Why not consider joining us and become a member of our Kiwanis club?

New Member Application

  • Name:________________________ Nickname:__________ Gender:_____ Home Address:______________________________________________________ City:_________________________ State:______ Zip Code___________ Home Phone:_______________ Spouse/Partner:________________ Company:_______________________ Title:________________________ Business Address:_____________________________________________ City:_______________________ State:_____ Zip Code:_____________ Business Phone:__________________ Fax:_______________________ Email Address:_______________________________________________ Date of Birth:___________________
  • Club Name:_________________________________ Date Left:_____________ Length of Membership:___________
  • I accept this membership application and agree to conform to the bylaws of this club and comply to the obligations of this membership as explained to me by my sponsor. Date:____________ Applicant Signature:__________________________
  • Initiation Charge-$75. Annual Kiwanis International and MOARK District Dues and Fees-$300 ($25 a month)
  • $240 ($20 a month)
  • $12.25 is charged only on the meetings you attend.
  • Date:_________ Received of:_______________________________ Amount: $___________ Cash:____ or Check:____ Received by:_____________________
  • To the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of ________________. I take pride in proposing ____________________ as and active member of the club and have confidence that this individual will become a valuable member. Date:________ Sponsor Name:_________________________________ Additional Member:__________________________________________ Sponsor Signature:___________________________________________
  • The Springdale Kiwanis Club is a service club chartered to promote the principles of good citizenship and good values and to generally improve the quality of life in the Springdale area. The club composed of men and women in a wide variety of occupations representing the active force of the community. Membership is open to persons of good character and community standing who reside in or around or have other interest in the community of Springdale. We are part of an international organization with worldwide recognition serving the children of the world, one child, one community at a time.